A Tribute to Sharon Alves

Sharon Alves first came to this valley with Ladies of Harley. 

While staying at The Gray Ghost Inn a discussion started with the Inn keeper (Magnus) and fellow rider Bob O’Keefe, about the possibility of running an event that could raise funds for breast Cancer Research. Sharon was a sufferer at the time. 

The thought was to raise money for research so the daughters of mothers with cancer would not have to suffer the same thing. Hence the event came to be known as Mother’s for Daughters’. 

She is very passionate about fundraising for breast cancer research as she is now, her-self, a survivor. 

Sharon has put in countless hours of unpaid volunteer time over the past ten years and remains an inspiration to many people.
We strongly believe that if it was not for Sharon, the event would not has been as successful as it has been.

She is a devoted mother and grand-mother and of course a motorcycle rider.

Thank you Sharon, from everyone who knows you and has participated in this great event.

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